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GPS All Satellite Modem
LL AMS-500i GPS All Satellite Modem

Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna
ANT-01 Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna

Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna
Maritime Pro Antenna


Two-Way Communication Terminal
TCT-01 Two-Way Communication Terminal

RES PRO Roadside Emergency System
EAS – Pro Emergency Alert System

AED Pro Asset Enable/Disable
AED – Pro Asset Enable/Disable


Quake Global products offer the reliable and detailed tracking your organization requires. The full line of Quake Global products serve virtually any fleet monitoring or physical asset management need. Quake Global tracking tools are durable and rugged, and provide guaranteed message delivery of vehicle-specific metrics and mobile resource management. They are designed to track and monitor mobile and fixed assets in even the harshest conditions and remote locations. In addition, all Quake Global satellite vehicle tracking & fixed asset products provide superior data accuracy via the first secure MRM all-satellite solution, Quake Global solutions deliver industry leading performance across the board.

These solutions can be combined in a variety of ways to customize service for your industry. Quake Global products offer satellite vehicle tracking and asset management for organizations within the industry spaces of oil & gas, mining & heavy equipment, logistics, SCADA & fixed assets, government, and NGOs. Recommended Quake Global solutions for each industry are listed on the individual industry pages below, making it easy for you to explore the products that best fit your needs. Every fleet monitoring or physical asset management solution is custom-designed and adapted to meet your exact needs.

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