oil and gas asset management

Oil and gas asset management demands enhanced safety and security coupled with increased operational efficiency. The all-encompassing fixed and mobile resource management solutions provided by Quake Global ensure that all of your goals and objectives are easily met, including your hard dollar ROI. Quake Global solutions go beyond basic fleet tracking; oil and gas companies, and are developed to manage fleets and equipment in new ways, improving efficiency, safety, and ROI across the board.

The Quake Global family of oil and gas asset management products are designed to improve compliance with HSE, (Health, Safety, and Environment), programs. With the use of Quake Global global fixed asset & fleet tracking and event driven analytical reporting, you will witness immediate improvements in driver/operator behavior, as well as a dramatic decrease in costly and potentially fatal incidents.

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Oil & Gas Asset Management & Fleet GPS Tracking Systems
by Quake Global

GPS All Satellite Modem

LL AMS-500i GPS All Satellite Modem

Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna

ANT-01 Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna

Two-Way Communication Terminal

TCT-01 Two-Way Communication Terminal

RES PRO Roadside Emergency System

EAS – Pro Emergency Alert System

AED Pro Asset Enable/Disable

AED – Pro Asset Enable/Disable

Customized reporting enables your asset managers and fleet tracking departments to eliminate costs and reduce environmental impact, leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Quake Global fixed asset and fleet tracking for the oil and gas industry answers all of your needs with products that are easy to use, work extremely well, and are built to last.

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