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Quake Global has decades of combined experience fulfilling the NGO asset tracking needs of multi-national organizations around the globe. You are ensured 100% asset visibility, complete with two-way communication 24/7/365 regardless of geography and topography. The reliable Quake Global technology can be customized extensively to fit your organization’s vehicle management system needs or specific fixed asset tracking requirements.

The Quake Global family of NGO asset tracking products provides you with the confidence of immediate emergency response, creating safer teams and overall success of operations. After implementing a vehicle management system, Quake Global partners see a notable decrease in incidents and overall improvement in compliance – factors that guarantee your hard dollar ROI is met and even exceeded.

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NGO Vehicle Fleet Management- Fleet GPS Tracking System
by Quake Global

GPS All Satellite Modem

LL AMS-500i GPS All Satellite Modem

Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna

ANT-01 Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna

Two-Way Communication Terminal

TCT-01 Two-Way Communication Terminal

RES PRO Roadside Emergency System

AES – Pro Emergency Alert System

AED Pro Asset Enable/Disable

AED – Pro Asset Enable/Disable

With reliable NGO asset management tools, Quake Global empowers you to shift funding and focus to direct services while seeing an improvement in the efficiency and functionality of your fleets.

Quake Global answers all of your NGO asset management needs with products that work well, are easy to use, and last a long time, in even the most remote and rugged regions.

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