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Quake Global provides global tracking for safety and efficiency in the mining & heavy equipment sectors. The Quake Global family of mining asset management products provides you with durable, robust, and easy to use solutions built to enhance safety and security while improving operational efficiencies across the board. Robust and full-featured mining fleet management systems provide comprehensive tracking for your equipment, providing accurate data that enhances safety, improves efficiency, and offers real-time location data.

Within the first week of deploying a Quake Global telematics system, you will see a dramatic improvement in the compliance of your fleet, and a notable decrease of incidents. In addition to improving driver safety, Quake Global mining fleet management products will cut your costs by controlling speed, conserving fuel, and improving asset utilization.

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Mining Asset Management & Fleet Management
by Quake Global

GPS All Satellite Modem

LL AMS-500i GPS All Satellite Modem

Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna

ANT-01 Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna

Two-Way Communication Terminal

TCT-01 Two-Way Communication Terminal

RES PRO Roadside Emergency System

EAS – Pro Emergency Alert System

AED Pro Asset Enable/Disable

AED – Pro Asset Enable/Disable

Quake Global answers all of your needs with mining asset management products that work well, are easy to use, and last a long time, in even the most remote and rugged regions. A Quake Global telematics system provides the performance and durability that your mining projects demand.

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