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With decades of real life, hands on experience, the team at Quake Global has the expertise to provide the vehicle monitoring solutions that your organization requires. Quake Global fleet GPS tracking technology continually evolves based on changes in regulatory mandates and your specific requirements. As leaders, you are faced with the challenge of eliminating theft, decreasing fuel consumption, and increasing efficiencies through the use of technology and tools….all while increasing profitability.

Quake Global fleet fuel management, tracking, and telematics tools empower your organization to meet revenue goals by improving efficiency. Powerful usage tracking tools integrate seamlessly with robust vehicle monitoring to produce a comprehensive system that solves your most difficult data gathering challenges. Quake Global fleet GPS tracking tools provide hard, actionable insights that help you use your resources where they are most valuable and most cost-effective.

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Fleet Logistics: Vehicle Fleet Management & GPS Tracking
by Quake Global

GPS All Satellite Modem

LL AMS-500i GPS All Satellite Modem

Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna

ANT-01 Dual GPS Iridium Low Profile Antenna

Two-Way Communication Terminal

TCT-01 Two-Way Communication Terminal

RES PRO Roadside Emergency System

EAS – Pro Emergency Alert System

AED Pro Asset Enable/Disable

AED – Pro Asset Enable/Disable

Quake Global provides fleet fuel management and vehicle monitoring resources to ensure your hard dollar ROI is met or exceeded at all times. Quake Global responds to your needs with products and solutions that work well, are easy to use, and last a long time; products that will maximize safety and performance while delivering a powerful ROI.

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