Fleet Safety Statistics Overview for Fleet Managers

2012 Fleet Safety Statistics Infograph – Snapshot of Reasons for Accidents

Fleet Safety Statistics Report sponsored by Volvo

Source: Automotive Fleet

When do most trucking accidents occur? fleet safety statistics

Highlights of Comprehensive report on Fleet Safety Statistics:

Drivers age 36-45 had the highest rate of accidents in 2011

The time of day with the highest rate of accidents is from 11a.m.-12 p.m.

86% of drivers drink and eat while driving

77.7% of accidents occur on clear, sunny days

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You will be shocked by what you learn!

Do you know how much cell phone usage has changed from 2007-2011? Do you permit hands-free devices? What is your policy on texting while driving, and how does your fleet’s policy compare to others around the country?

Other interesting facts include the percentage of companies who terminate drivers for failing to notify their employers when they receive citations, and how many companies prohibit impaired driving.

Compare your drivers with those around the country. Do they: talk on their cell phones using the handset? Set or change their GPS while driving? Surf the internet? Watch a video?!?

Given the stats, it is no wonder that fleet managers all across the world rely on fleet tracking systems to help manage their fleets, and improve safety. But all fleet GPS tracking systems are not created alike. There are many things to consider. Do you need a satellite solution, or will cellular suffice? Would dual mode be your best option? Do you need a complete solution, or will you be writing your own code?

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