With decades of experience in the fixed and mobile resource management space, Quake Global (formerly Lucid Logistics) provides the most feature rich, all-satellite solutions for real time vehicle tracking and fixed asset management in the industry. Focused on worldwide verticals such as Oil & Gas, Mining & Heavy Equipment, Logistics, SCADA & Fixed Assets, Government and Non-Government Organizations, the approach is surprisingly simple: to provide you with asset management and truck GPS tracking products that are easy to use, work really well, and last a long time- that is the heart of Quake Global.

Quake Global is comprised of highly experienced professionals who leverage their expertise in each sector, ensuring cutting edge asset tracking, fleet, and fuel management systems based on forthrightness, integrity and honesty. In-house development and engineering teams translate to cohesiveness throughout the company, and the ability to react quickly to customer’s requests for new products or reports. Quake Global is cutting edge, continually investigating the latest and greatest hardware and components for fixed and mobile asset telematics and truck GPS tracking, always leading the industry in innovation.

Quake Global considers customers our most valuable partners. Customers choose Quake Global fixed asset, vehicle, and fuel management systems because of our core commitment to the highest level of integrity; building and continually evolving based on your requirements, ensuring you receive exactly what you asked for and what you need. Whether you need real time vehicle tracking or sophisticated fixed asset management, Quake Global is your trusted advisor every step of the way.

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